Summer Christmas at our Alpaca Farm

Remember when you were a kid and the anticipation for Christmas morning was just as exciting as the day itself. I think most of us in the alpaca breeding business can relate to this exhilarating anticipation, as we yearly wait for each new cria to be birthed at our farm. We have been dreaming for a year minus a week or two how each genetic combination is going to present itself. Will it be a male that changes the industry, will she be as sweet as her mom, will the grey come through, will I get a black out of that white female….so many thoughts of what might be unwrapped in our pasture.
This year is definitely a year of anticipation for us here at Waypoint farm. Each year is exciting but this year we will see how our three young herd sires performed last year in their maiden breeding career. I look back and remember such frustration with all three of these junior herd sires. They were all very clumsy and watching them was exhausting. I still shake my head thinking back on how all three seemed to lack the “macho” I expected. Not expecting much success in their first-year ability, I exposed more females to the newbies then I usually would. Spring arrived and as I wrote down the expected due dates for exposed females on my white board, curiosity of what I would see “under my Christmas tree,” filled my head with visions. I have three females that were outside breedings, and then those females bred with my three beginner herd sires.
Two females dropped their packages a month ago, depositing one white male and one sweet fawn girl. Now I’m gearing up for a group of seven girls all bred within a week of each other to drop their summer Christmas presents. The anticipation is mounting!!!!
Follow us as we introduce these new bundles of alpaca love this summer 2023.

Welcome to Waypoint Farm

Waypoint Farm started as Red Hat Farm in 2005. We started with two females with cria at side and quickly added our third female which delivered our first cria one chilly May evening. Today with a new name, more knowledge but the same great passion, we continue to follow our mission statement to raise Huacaya alpacas with superior fiber, demonstrating fineness, density, good character and handle. Our goal is to make sound breeding decisions that compliment the industry’s need for high quality fiber. Sustainability and wise stewardship are foremost in our mind as we farm our land and tend to our animals.
We carry some of the strongest and best genetics in the industry in our herd. Each year we have set goals and attained what we set our eyes on. We are proud of the genetic improvements seen with each new cria crop. We welcome you!!! Come by and take a look at what's going on in Wenatchee Washington. Fall in love with Alpacas.

Financing is available!!! 1/3 to 1/2 Down with financing terms dependent on animal purchased.